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Beta 2

  • Beta 2

Een flexibele, efficiënte en duurzame oplossing voor kantoor en onderwijs

  • Beta 2 features square and rectangular variants suiting the traditional modular ceiling dimensions (600, 625, 300x1200)
  • Beta 2 can be used for different ceiling types (lay-in, plasterboard) as well as being surface mounted or suspended
  • Beta 2 with its prismatic diffuser is the right choice when you think about lighting of working areas as well as circulation areas in an office or educational building (complies with EN12464-1)
  • Beta 2 also caters for even more demanding interior lighting tasks, asking for higher protection rate (IP65), like shower & changing rooms, hospital corridors, kitchen areas and similar

Materialen en Afwerking

Frame: wit plaatstaal
Diffusor: prismatisch

Installatie en Montage

Standaard geschikt voor inbouw en met behulp van accessoires is installatie mogelijk in gipsplatenplafonds, zowel ingebouwd als hangend.


To specify state:
A light weight recessed luminaire with LED light source. 3000K and 4000K colour temperature, CRI>80 and a lifetime of 50,000 hours @ L80 Ta 25°C, including high efficiency up to 120lm/W, UGR<19, IP54 from below and IK06.
As Thorn Beta 2.

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Beta 2, vierkant

Beta 2, vierkant, noodverlichting

Description   TypeGewicht (kg)SAP Code
BETA 2 LED3000-840 HF E3 Q600LED5.5096631461
BETA 2 LED3800-840 HF E3 Q600LED5.5096631450

Beta 2, vierkant, dimbaar

Beta 2, vierkant, dimbaar, noodverlichting

Beta 2 IP65

Beta 2, rechthoekig

Beta 2, rechthoekig, noodverlichting

Description   TypeGewicht (kg)SAP Code
BETA 2 LED3000-840 HF E3 300X1200LED5.5096631475
BETA 2 LED3800-840 HF E3 300X1200LED5.5096631468

Beta 2, rechthoekig, dimbaar

Beta 2, rechthoekig, dimbaar, noodverlichting

Beta 2, accessoires