• Flow

Our most versatile outdoor solution yet, Flow integrates seamlessly into any urban setting, allowing designers to create a unified look.

As people flow through the city by car, bike or on foot, Flow creates light that flows with them, adapting and providing safety and high visual performance, while creating a pleasant and welcoming ambience. Flow fits in everywhere, providing the most efficient distribution for all kinds of urban activities – whether it’s jogging, driving, shopping or socialising. The timeless, understated design language of this brand new luminaire makes it easy to picture in setting. But it’s not only Flow’s appearance that makes it so flexible. The luminaire features 6 different mounting variants, 13 optical possibilities for street lighting and area lighting, a choice of tilting options (negative and positive) and dimming options to contribute to comfort and wellbeing in large and small roads, residential areas, city centres, car parks, footpaths, train platforms, education and sports institutions, industrial buildings and open areas. Compatible with most of radio frequency systems on the market, Flow also brings intelligence to urban spaces through a wide choice of control options, including DALI, bi-power, power-line or wireless control (InCity) and presence detection. This enables energy savings while improving safety and contributing to a sense of wellbeing by adapting to movements of pedestrians, cyclists and cars. Flow offers high-performance photometry optimised for each specific application. Its efficacy reaches 139 lm/W, enabling it to save significant amounts of energy compared to conventional solutions, and it comes with a 10 kV surge protection device as standard. Lumen packages ranging from 1700 lm to 13600 lm are available.



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